Are We Addicted to Fake Outrage?

We define anger as a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.  All of us get angry.

Water anger for a while, and it turns into rage, then outrage. Simmer outrage over fire, then cool it, and it congeals into hatred. Anger passes, hatred sticks to the pan.

Media and politicians are busy simmering outrage. This is good for business. These mass outrages we see today are not real. They are fake.

Real fake.

Selective attention, contagion, repetition, and excitement turn outrage into addiction.

No matter what your persuasion, I am guessing you and friends watch your media and update your discussions with information from your favorite pundits.

Outrage has become a mass media sport. We nourish orgasms of outrage, we hone attack skills and, with delight, we rehash arguments.

So why is this outrage fake?

It is fake because we have forgotten that the other side is human. We have forgotten that they have the same hopes, needs, and fears hidden by different points of view.

Being mad at them is the same as being mad at ourselves

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