Judith Rahima Jensen
AKA Sister Sufi


Harvard University, EdD
Laboratory of Human Development Center for Research in Children’s Television

Stanford Instructional Television Network
Associate Director

University Video Communications, President and Cofounder
Cofounded with CEO Karen Tucker, UVC produced and distributed video lectures by leading computer scientists and electrical engineers to over 3000 universities and 4000 corporate sites worldwide

Conversion to Islam, following the Sufi Path

Oregon Institute of Technology
Adjunct Professor in Comparative Religion

Educational Solutions, Oregon NGO, CEO and Cofounder
Addressed the Israeli/Palestinian conflict at the university level and Oregon’s Klamath River Water Conflict at the high school level.

Worked with leading Israeli and Palestinian academics and Klamath River stakeholder leaders. Developed and implemented IP curricula  and KB curricula  portraying opposing narratives and teaching conflict resolution.

Produced/directed five documentaries on the Klamath River Water Conflict for use in ES curricula, Oregon libraries and cable channels. Three aired on Southern Oregon Public Television

North American Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (NAAIMS)
Board Member and Secretary

Focus on development of materials to advance religious understanding