Bests of the Great Religions

Consider the existence of more than one best.  Here are a few suggestions for the best of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Atheism.  I include Atheism because it is a belief system in our realm of religious ideas.

Here are my thoughts today.  I am interested in what you think.

  • Best of Judaism:  The careful and relentless pursuit of truth through the Rabbinic Tradition of study.
  • Best of Christianity:  Care for the poor and forlorn.  Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount is unequaled for its recognition of the unfortunate.  (more on website)
  • Best of Islam:  God has 99 names, names of beauty and majesty.  Some are sets of opposites like creator and destroyer.  The interplay of these attributes describe our world and help me to accept good and evil.
  • Best of Hinduism:  Flexibility and pluralism welcome a spectrum of gods and philosophies.  Hinduism is unified by three paths to Nirvana or Absolute Reality:  devotion, selfless service, and meditation.
  • Best of Buddhism:  Direct acknowledgment of universal suffering in the world and a way out of suffering that involves self-knowledge and meditation.
  • Best of the Non-Religious:  Willingness to call a dog a dog when a religion protects an unfaithful sacred cow.

What are your suggestions for the Bests?

How hard is it to suggest a Best for a perspective that is not your own?


2 Replies to “Bests of the Great Religions”

  1. Best of Skepticism/Atheism: Uses the scientific method to search for provable truths, doesn’t make claims about unfalsifiable things. Bases ethics on logic (Don’t want your stuff stolen? Don’t steal other people’s stuff!), not on supernatural threats (Don’t steal because God will send you to Hell). Willing to drop/change beliefs/theories based on evidence.

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